Health Insurance – A Small Business Owner’s Nightmare

I have been pretty lucky in my career thus far, I’ve had no gaps in employment, and no gaps in health insurance coverage. One of those is about to change on August 1st…

The health insurance coverage I had with my old company expires on July 31. We’ve been scrambling trying to find a solution, and as of this post, we’ve got nothing in place. The struggle has been over finding a plan that covers pre-existing conditions. Individual plans always have riders in place to abandon coverage of those services for at least 6 months, but in many cases 12 months. My company is too small for group insurance…or is it?

I recently joined ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association) per the recommendation of my good friend Jenn Maggiore (President of Maggiore Consulting & Marketing and otherwise super cool chick). One of the benefits of joining ASBA is they offer group health insurance to its members. WOO HOO! Sounds great right?

The not so great part about it is the cost…we’re looking at around $1,100 a month to cover the family. The plan isn’t spectacular, but it does the job. I’m hoping this isn’t the end all/be all solution to our insurance coverage, but it will have to do.

What say you? Do any of you have examples of where you have been faced with a similar situation? How did you respond?

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