I Switched to MacBook Pro and I Like It!

I’m a Mac fan now. I finally bought my first Mac product at the age of 35, a MacBook Pro, back in August. It was a glorious day. I already use an iPhone, I already use an iPad, my router at home is an Apple AirPort Extreme, and I sell the greatest point of sale system for iPad…so why did I wait so long to cross over to Mac?

For years I’ve been exclusively using Microsoft – Office, Windows, MapPoint – all on Dell laptops or desktops. The cost of the MacBook was usually a barrier, as well as the fear that since most people are using Windows based systems that I would somehow alienate myself from the business world by going Mac.

So years would go by, I would upgrade my laptop every 2-3 years. I would curse when the infamous BSOD* would appear. I would be crushed when a PowerPoint file I had been working on for an entire day would crash, and become non-recoverable. Oh, and then there were the days when my wireless card wouldn’t connect to wifi in my own house.

After finally adopting the iPad and then buying an iPhone, I realized that Apple just plain works. No fighting with connections, no crashing apps – it all just works the way its supposed to. Sure there are better screens out there, bigger displays, more storage, lower prices…but my battery lasts a long time and my phone calls work, and my apps do the amazing things they are supposed to do.

In August, I decided my faithful Dell Studio 14z that I had purchased in 2009 (which by the way was the best Windows computer I owned) was due to be refreshed. I did some research and found that by using VMware Fusion 5 I could run my Windows applications and yet have the stability and superior hardware of the MacBook Pro.

2 months later, and I’m convinced – I have made a full blown Mac conversion. I get it…so what say you? Have you had a similar experience? Share your thoughts!

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