Creative New ShopKeep POS iPad Stands

I’ve had a few clients asking me about alternative ShopKeep POS iPad Stands implementations. The typical stands are either metal or acrylic, such as the WindFall POS Stand or the iSkid Flip , or even a newer innovation like the sleek and sturdy stand featured at CES last month.

A new trend though is hand crafted wooden ShopKeep POS iPad Stands. Here are a few I have stumbled on recently that look promising.

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intra-stand ShopKeep POS iPad Stands

This is the intra-stand ipad stand that was specifically designed for ShopKeep with iDynamo swiper. It is a handsome cherry wood with aluminum construction, and works with the iPad 2 or 3. For only $229, this is a great option when it comes to iPad stands for ShopKeep. I found it on Etsy on February 9.


Custom Built Wooden ShopKeep POS iPad Stands

This is a custom built solution by ISupportU on etsy. Its only $199 and has a slot for the iDynamo.  I also found this one on February 9

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