Social Media Management

Embrace Social Media

The goal of Social Media is to turn customers in to your personal evangelist – Shane Barber

Your loyal customers are your best advocates. Your business needs to be involved in the conversation. Congruity Solutions offers convenient, monthly social media management packages to help you plan, manage, and execute a comprehensive social media strategy.

One big mistake you can make as a business is to not utilize social media. Almost as bad though, is to ignore your social media profiles that you have created. With Congruity Solutions social management package, we can develop custom social media graphics that encourage sharing, create the content, and post it at the appropriate moment to make sure the message is broadcast to the right audience. We also take care of the good (and not so good) feedback to make sure that engagement with customers is at the highest possible level. Customers expect a business to respond within 24 hours. We typically respond within an hour or less – communicating with you the whole way to make sure we answer in your voice. Our goal is to make sure your customers “feel” connected to you at all times.

We’re not experts, but we like to think we’re pretty good at what we do.


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