The Beginning

This is the beginning…A new company, a new career, a new focus. Let me tell you a bit about how Congruity Solutions came to fruition.

I have been in the consulting business since I graduated Arizona State University in 1999. I started off my career with a small firm based in Greenville, SC called HealthCare Concepts. I had no idea or interest in healthcare, but it was one of those “right place/right time” moments that I couldn’t let slip. Moved back to Arizona in 2001 to go back to ASU for grad school, completed my MBA in 2004, joined AlphaHealth (another small hospital consulting firm) immediately after graduation…phew! All of that came to an end this year. AlphaHealth merged with PwC, and I was forced to shift gears.

As I searched for new career options, I realized one very important thing…I enjoyed helping solve problems. Not so much specific to healthcare, but in a general sense. And I’m pretty good at it. Working for small companies, I had to wear many hats. I also had to work quickly and efficiently because of the ebbs and flows of the business.

So on June 15th, I started Congruity Solutions. My pitch is simple, I solve problems for your business, allowing you to focus on your core services without taking on the overhead of hiring employees to complete short term projects.

The first week has been very productive. I have made some great strategic partnerships, landed some excellent clients, and learned a lot in the process. I plan on sharing some of the experiences here.

You can always find me at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert every morning if you want to chat. Until next time…

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