Leap of Faith

Almost a month in to this, and I’ve had some reservations. Can I generate leads, make connections, and complete the work? The answer so far has been a resounding “YES”, but not without a little bit of faith…

I’m not going to get all Pollyannish¬†about this, and I’m not talking about faith in the Biblical sense. I’m just talking about trusting in myself. I know what my capabilities are, and conversely my limitations. My goal remains true…help people and businesses realize their goals, and exceed expectations every time. Easier said than done, but you have to take any fears and reservations you have about something and use it as motivation.

Moral of the story, starting a business is tough. No question. Lots of hours, lots of uncertainty. Your best solution is to use those fears as motivators rather than inhibitors. Never over-promise and under-deliver; write out a list of things you can and cannot do, and stick to it. Be great at the “cans”, and figure out a way to do the “cannots”. Sometimes the answer is as simple as “its just not a service I offer”. Other times, the answer may be sitting next to you at your local coffee shop. Networking is the key to building your core-competencies.

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