Why ShopKeep?


  • Its FAST! – Designed by a high-volume retailer and battle-tested at high volume coffee shops, ShopKeep rings sales faster than your human cashiers can!
  • Its STABLE – You can keep ringing sales even when the internet is down thanks to our patent-pending system. And when your internet is back up, all your data will sync and be included in the totals you can view on the web.
  • Its SIMPLE – Ring a cash sale and give change by hitting as few as 4 buttons. ShopKeep is intuitively designed and the cashiering function is separated from manager functions so you see just the buttons you need.
  • Its SUPPORTED – Need help getting set up? Have questions about what hardware to buy? We’re here for you. Just call us at (602) 312-7561 or fill out our Contact Form.


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